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What is MyRef?
MyRef is an innovative online employment referencing hub, enabling individuals to acquire and verify their employment references from previous employers, so they can use them each time they apply for a new role rather than re-requesting them again, it also allows them to share a digital transcript of their verified references with employers and recruiters. MyRef keeps your verified references available and secure in case these references become difficult to obtain in the future. MyRef adds credibility to the hiring process, gives employers confidence, removes inefficiencies and speeds up the hiring process for both candidates and employers. At MyRef we are passionate about giving candidates ownership of their employment references.
Why Should I Use MyRef ?
The future is unpredictable, companies and recruitment agencies can go out of business, other risks of disasters both man-made and natural can emerge anytime, anywhere and without warning, obtaining an employment reference could become very difficult at short notice. We strongly believe that having your employment references stored securely on MyRef gives you added security and helps you when applying for new roles in your career anywhere in the world, and as people leave companies and move on, you will always have an accredited way of proving where you worked. Lastly it could also reduce the level of admin work and time that may go into registering, applying for and starting a new role.
Is the platform secure? is my data safe?
In short yes, we have taken all measures to ensure your data is safe and secure with us, we use secure communication protocol and store your data encrypted on disk.
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Verified Profile
Get a verified profile so you do not have to do employment checks each time you apply for a new job.
We are GDPR compliant, you have complete control on who can see and access your profile.
Future Proof
Your employment references are safe and verified, even if your previous employer or agency goes out of business.
Secure & Tamper-Proof
Your profile is stored in a secure location and can only be edited by yourself.
Self-Sovereign Identity
You own your references not your previous employers, recruitment agencies or anybody else.
Digital Transcript
Share your approved references through our unique digital transcript feature.
How does it work?
Upload your work history.
Add your reference details by including the recruiter or HR contact name, position & email address.
Send a reference request and an email will be sent out to the referee requesting them to validate your role, dates you worked and responsibilities.
Once they have confirmed the employment details, it will be saved onto your digital transcript, which you can then share with prospective employers & recruiters with ease.
Your Questions Answered

No, we don't and we will never sell your data to anybody, we are fully compliant with the GDPR directive and will never share or process your data for any purpose without your prior conscent. We only store and process your data with the sole purpose of delivering our service. Our privacy policy can be found here

MyRef is a limited company based in London, United Kingdom, company registration number 13244521.

We use Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to process and store your data. You data is stored encrypted at one of Microsoft's data centres in West Europe.

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